Simms Headwaters Waders ?>

Simms Headwaters Waders

The Headwaters waders is one of Simms more affordable products with a price of $350 and promises good quality, comfort and weather protection. They are made in USA and features 3 layers of GORE-TEX fabric and a abrasion resistant material for more durable built-in gravel guards.

Simms headwaters wadersThey are infact a pair of very lightweight waders which makes them easy to handle and offers good comfort. This will make them a good choice for the times when you can’t reach the stream from the back of your truck but have to make a longer hike to find the magical pools you are looking for. But even though this might be a benefit on many occasions we are worried about how these waders will fair in colder temperatures and would recommend going for a larger size to allow for more layers when battling cold, deep winters.

“I like to hike deep into the wilderness where the only company I will have as I fish is a bear and the fish I am chasing. These waders are breathable, have a great fit, tough as nails, and you get a great price. Don’t forget, these are made of GORE-TEX, so you are really getting the best bang for your buck.”

Another feature that we found nifty is the big front pocket on the front of the waders, concealed by a velcro stip at top edge of the hand warmer pocket, offering room for a bigger flybox, a bottle, a cutter or other things that might come in handy when on the stream.

These waders, as most Simms products is really good and offers you a good price for a quality product. If you are willing to put a bit more money into your waders and frequently fish in decent or good weather these waders will probably last you a couple of years and aid in the effort to make your trips more enjoyable.

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