Simms G3 Guide Stockfoot 2015 Review ?>

Simms G3 Guide Stockfoot 2015 Review

The first thing you notice when putting them on is how well they fit, “tailored” even. There is no excess material to rub up against itself while you are walking, and they feel like you are wearing just a pair of trousers. The bottom part of the waders covering your legs are made up of 5 layers of a new GORE-TEX fabric called GORE-TEX Pro Shell which is a very advanced and durable fabric. Then the part from the crotch up is composed of 3 layers to give you more breathability and ease movement. The seams that run up the legs are smartly placed on the front and back of the legs to reduce wear as compared to putting the seams on the side of the legs.

These Simms waders also got a pair of build in gravel guards which is made from a very strong and stretchy material and built-in belt loops so that you can use your own wading belt if you got one.

As they say, no one ever regrets paying for quality. This is definitely true of the G3 Guidefoots from Simms

Simms Waders G3 Guide Stockfoot

On the front of the waders, you got a big pocket for your fly box(es) and the stretchable material allows you to fit a pretty big box in there.

It also comes with a hand warmer and instead of going with zippers to protect it from oars tearing it up, the guys at Simms design a welted pocket with this in mind and cover the inside with microfleece to keep your hands nice and warm.

They also got an inner pouch which can be used for storing tippets, tools and other stuff that might come in handy.

Another nice feature of these Simms waders is that the buckles are designed to connect with each other which allows you to put the straps around your waist and use them as a belt on a hot day when a pair of hip waders would be more comfortable.

Simms waders are usually a bit higher up on the price scale than other brand but if you are looking for a pair of good waders that will last several seasons, you will have a hard time finding a pair that gets more praise then the Simms G3.


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