Good Practices to Take Care of Your Waders ?>

Good Practices to Take Care of Your Waders

Washing a pair of waders

A reliable pair of waders is an essential piece of gear out in the cold water. Make no mistake in using them, however, for they aren’t cheap. Basically, premium waders these days come at $800 upwards. Hence, it really makes sense to take good care of them.

Certainly, all waders will wear out. But through proper care, this can help you get the most of them. Even if you only use your waders once in a while, they need to be thoroughly cleaned, dried and correctly stored.  The chief section to focus is on the inside. While waders are breathable allowing moisture to escape, condensation may emerge on the inside and build up of moisture can collect dirt and dust, which are the perfect breeding source for mildew and mold. This is definitely where the problem will all begin if you don’t take good care of your waders.

As you know, mold only needs 3 things to be able to grow and these are food source (dirt), ground to grow (waders) and moisture source (condensation).

If you avert molds, consider the following good practices for they can surely prolong the life of your waders.

  1. First and foremost, you must understand that the best fit of waders lets you prolong their life.
  2. Every after use in saltwater, make certain to rinse them with clean, fresh water before storage.
  3. When cleaning the waders, hand wash them with warm water together with a mild detergent.  Never machine wash or dry them. Thoroughly rinse them with clean, fresh water. Periodically washing them will help sustain their breathability.
  4. Dry them out. Most of the time, waders are hang up to dry them, neglecting their inside. Bear in mind that while your waders are naturally breathable, they don’t breathe while submerged in the water. Moisture quickly build-up on the inside which points to mildew. Mildew surely stinks and can break down the breathable membrane of the waders as well, that is why you must turn your waders inside out to permit completely drying out the inside.
  5. When drying your waders, keep them away from direct sunlight. The UV rays of the sun break down their DWR and all other waterproof finishes which can substantially decrease the life of the waders. Simply hang them in a ventilated location to completely dry them out.
  6. When traveling, make certain to roll them from the feet upwards instead of folding them since folding them can cause stress on the crease points which can then point to break down over time.
  7. Store them lying flat on the floor or hanging upright. This is the best recommendation whey they are not in use.
  8. Every before use, inspect your waders to make sure there are no punctures or weak spots that will cause them to leak. Once a leak is discovered, it is vital that you take the wader for assessment and repair right away. Neglecting the problem over time only leads to their early deterioration.
  9. Cut your nails, please. There are a lot of complaints that waders wear out on the inside from the toes part. Never do they think that the primary cause why this can happen is their untrimmed toenails that make the waders ill-fitting on the front. Therefore, trim your toenails short for you and your waders’ benefit.

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